Propolis News Sheet 6

Suggested Uses

As a Food Supplement: Propolis can be used as a safe non-toxic food supplement and has been found effective for:-

Sore Throats: Take a few drops of the tincture on whole-wheat bread or use it as gargle.

Mouth Ulcers: Use Propolis as a mouthwash or place a piece of raw propolis under the tounge.

Toothache: Dip cotton wool in propolis tincture and place on the affected tooth you will be suprised that the toothache will be relieved in about 20 minutes.

Acne: If the patient can stand having a ruddy brown face for a while dab the infected area with propolis tincture again on a swab.

These are but 5 remedies of the many that are known to give relieve. I hope this news sheet has been of use to you.

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